Wintec pro stock with Swinging fenders

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Wintec pro stock with Swinging fenders
Medium size seat (16")

Reasonable condition
Changeable gullet
Girth points on saddle recently replaced but not on surcingle.
New points can easily be replaced in the future (like the new model English saddles)
***Front CAIR panels are flat. Was going to replace but upgraded to a new saddle. Figure new owner will need it fitted anyway and may prefer flocking

Super comfy saddle, love it but just got a new one


Wintec Saddles products are manufactured using high-quality, durable and weatherproof materials for longevity and ease of use and care. It is however vitally important to understand that every product has a maximum lifetime which will be affected by a number of factors including the environment, frequency of use and care. It is every rider's responsibility to regularly check their tack, particularly any safety related items such as stirrup straps, Webbers, girths and girth points for signs of excessive wear and tear. Any tack involved in an accident or showing signs of excessive wear and tear such as fraying, torn holes or cracking should be replaced immediately for the safety of both you and your horse.

Upper swan collection or post at your expense